Friday, October 13, 2006

Outta-Luck Louie?

Damn you HBO! Damn you all to Hell!

HBO has opted to not pick up a second season of Lucky Louie, an adult situation comedy based on the comedic styling of Louis C.K. Though HBO claimed that the show had poor ratings, it appears that the show had much more of a following than they had estimated. Fans of the risqué sitcom, which is filmed live before a studio audience, are banning together to try and change the minds of the HBO decision makers.

There is an online petition which can be signed and I ask that you do so.

A fan of the show even started this MySpace Page which details the canceling of the show and provides several resources on how you can support the movement to bring it back.

You can even go so far as to write HBO directly and let them know how you feel about the cancellation. Like cast member and comedian Jim Norton said, "They're a big company but they aren't deaf." There's no need for nasty and profane responses. Simply be concise and passionate on how you felt about the show and the fact that HBO has cancelled it.

I'm pissed that they cancelled the show. I thought it was brilliant, hilarious and above all else, REAL. Most of the fluff they fill programming schedules with is unrealistic Hollywood bullshit. Lucky Louie was a fresh spin on the "television family" premise. Shows like "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "The Cosby Show" made it through countless seasons because it was all about "funny," yet in both scenarios, the families were well-to-do and their lives were whimsical yet hunky-dory. Lucky Louie on the other hand, brought reality into a comedic setting and in most cases, your laughs were not only fueled by its writing, but by the fact that you could relate to those very "real" situations.

PS> I signed the petition and was # 9,199.


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