Friday, August 18, 2006

A very sad story that will have you die laughing

A guy I work with told me this story about someone he knows...

A female friend of his who lives in New York had been dog-sitting for a friend of hers, at his place in NY. Well, one morning she woke up and saw that the dog was still sleeping. She called to him and there was no response. She then went over and shook him... He was as stiff as a board. Strangely, the dog had somehow passed overnight. Well, as you can imagine she was devastated. She called her friend (who was on vacation in Europe) and through the tears, managed to tell him that his dog had mysteriously passed away. He too began to cry. After he settled himself down, he told her where his personal phonebook was and asked that she call his Vet. She agreed to do so and apologized over and over for "ruining" his vacation.

She got of the phone with him and went to get his phonebook. She found the number and called the Vet, who asked that she bring the dog in for an examination as to what he may have died from. She agreed and got off the phone without giving it much thought. Shortly afterwards, she realized that he was a big dog and she had no idea how she was going to get him there. She looked around the house and finally found a large suitcase. She struggled, but managed to get the Shetland Collie in the case. Again through struggle, she managed to get the heavy case out to the car and drove to the Vet's office.

When she got there, she got the case out of the car but was having a heck of a time getting it up the stairs. As she battled with it, a gentleman walked by and noticed her predicament. He stepped to her and said "That looks rather heavy. By all means, let me help you with that." She smile kindly, motioned for him to take the handle and said "thank you". After taking a few more steps, he turned to her and said, "Wow, this is heavy. What in the world do you have in here?" She was too afraid to tell him the truth, so she answered with "Oh, just some old computer equipment."

BAM, BAM!!!! The guy punched her in the face (twice) and took off with the fucking suit case.

When my buddy told me this, I was so bummed out for the dog's owner until I heard the ending. That piece of monkey shit not only hit a woman, but he then stole what he thought was computer equipment after assaulting her. (Some) justice was served the moment he opened that bag to see what he could sell and found it was filled with a dead dog. That's fucking priceless. Unfortunately, the owner never retrieved the remains and therefore, was not able to properly lay his dog to rest.


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