Thursday, August 17, 2006

Karr accident a tall tale?

John Mark Karr was recently arrested in Bangkok, Thailand in suspicion of having murdered 6 year old American beauty queen, JonBénet Ramsey. Karr admitted to inquisitors that he "drugged her (Ramsey) and then had sex with her", but claims that killing her was an accident. He believes that while he was having sex with her, she was still alive and he later discovered he had accidentally killed her. He even told reporters that he "loved her very much and is very sorry for what happened."

There are just way too many inconsistencies with this asshole's story. Here are some examples:

1. He said he had sex with Ramsey and yet there were no traces of semen found when her body was examined.

2. He stated that before having sex with her, he had drugged Ramsey. In the autopsy, there were no traces whatsoever of any drug-like substance in her blood.

3. Forensics initially showed that she had been beaten and strangled with a garrote-like device and yet his account of drugging her and accidentally killing her does not match up.

4. He told police that he picked Ramsey up from school when in fact, school had been closed for the Christmas vacation.

5. Karr's ex-wife stated that he had been with her the night of the murder.

In addition to the multiple inconsistencies, I find it very odd that John Karr would admit to the brutal murder of a 6 year old American beauty queen and yet he would not comment on his arrest for Child Pornography here in the states. So, he will confess to a murder but not admit to having child porn on his computer?

In my opinion, this deranged cocksucker had nothing to do with Ramsey's murder. He was obsessed with the case, he is a serial pedophile and he was arrested in a country where they have no problem with torturing you for your crimes. I believe he is lying about being guilty to get his ass back into America. I think that the U.S. should turn away and let Thailand have their way with him. Death alone is too good for this sick, twisted fuck!

Oh, I personally still believe that the parents had something to do with her death. Want something to think about? The autopsy for JonBénet Ramsey shows 12/26/1996 as her date of death yet her headstone shows a deceased date of 12/25/2006. Hmmmmmmm.


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