Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Twisting with the Devil....

A Twisted Tuesday post by Evilicious Blonde

Welcome to the first post to honor "Twisted Tuesday", an idea where for one post, you swap blogs with another blogger. The idea is to give each other a "taste from the other side." When participating, you pretty much have carte blanche, but it is strongly suggested that you keep with the context or "vibe" of the blog you are guest-posting on. That's it. It's simple, it's easy and it's fun.

The Irish Devil hath decreed that if I am going to "twist" on his blog, I have to channel my inner Domme. I-think-I-can-I-think-I-can-I-think-I-can....

Hmmmm.... Perhaps a wee prayer first.

52 things that piss me off, in random order....

1. Chicks who like to make out with me but then suddenly discover religion.

2. People who narrate at the movies. "The killer is in there! Run bitch! Run!!!". *growl*

3. Yoko Ono.

4. KY Lube. (Eeeew! Sticky!)

5. The gag reflex. Ahem.

6. Skinny people with scrawny little asses who whine about being fat. Fuck you!

7. Women who spend oodles of money to have a perfect pedicure, yet fail to shave the gorilla
hair off their big toes.

8. Anyone who thinks they can tell me how to live my life.

9. Cindy Sheehan.

10. People telling me I am old and if I am going to have children, I should try harder.

11. Bratty children in restaurants.

12. New Orleans refugees

13. Terrorist bastards.

14. Phrase that is like nails on a frikkin chalk board to me -- "It's always the last place you look." Duh, nitwit.

15. Having an intense fantasy interrupted.

16. "Subtle hints". Just spit it out, beeyotch!

17. Cell phones or crying infants in a movie theater.

18. Commercials featuring that annoying little twit in the question mark jacket who teaches people how to swindle the government out of money to start a business.

19. Finger pointers.

20. Back stabbers.

21. Liars.

22. Users (unless it involves sex).

23. "New" Country.

24. People who tell me how "sweet" I am.

I. Am. Not. Sweet. Mother. Fucker.

25. Blogosphere Flame wars.

26. Internal chafing.

27. People who kill others in the name of a higher power.

28. Commercials in a fucking movie theater.

29. Fidel Castro.

30. "Throw" pillows.

31. Biting my tongue, both literally and figuratively.

32. GIVING UP MY FUCKING NICKNAME AND BLOG ADDY due to stalker interference.

33. Child molesting bastards; Specifically, the sicko who hurt my best friend's daughter.

34. Chain letters - "Send this two ten people in five seconds or your pets will commit suicide."

35. Veggie-burgers.

36. Mean drunks.

37. People who spout "talking points" as a so-called political argument.

38. When while instant messaging, it says typing on the bottom, and then that person doesn't say anything!

39. Anti-War pussies...errr...I mean, protesters.

40. The hiccups, especially during sex.

41. Being at a concert for a band you adore and some asshole next to you is screaming along off key and keeps fucking up the words.

42. Thongs at the beach - especially on men!

43. People who say "Flustrated" instead of "Frustrated".

44. Hangnails on a man who is fingering me.

45. Plushie Paul.

46. When people use MY name in vain.

47. When famous singers try to "interpret" the National Anthem, making it impossible to sing
along with.

48. Razor burn on "delicate" areas.

49. The "Can you hear me now? Good!" commercials.

50. People who fake disabilities.


52. Being thisclose to an orgasm and then having it either deliberately or accidentally halted by a partner.

Suddenly feeling the urge to tie a person up.....male, female, whichever.....and molest them....for hours...

Wooooo! Anger makes me HORNY!!!!!


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