Monday, March 26, 2007

A Farewell to Rome

Last night marked the series finale of HBO's Rome. Though often embellished and historically inaccurate, Rome was one of the most elaborate, most entertaining and most expensive series ever to be shown on TV. I guess this explains the $80+ price tag on the DVD collection of season 1. It was said to have started as a mini-series but after receiving such high praise and critical acclaim, Rome was slotted for a second season. Now that the second season has come to a close and no third season lies upon the horizon, fans speculate that it will eventually make its way to the big screen, such as HBO's Deadwood is expected to as well.

The series began just after Gaius Julius Caesar (played by CiarĂ¡n Hinds) conquered Gaul, though the real story starts when you are first introduced to Lucius Vorenus (played by Kevin McKidd) and Titus Pullo (played by Ray Stevenson). Together, they form Caesar's seemingly indestructible duo and are often the focus of each episode. Turn the page and you will be seduced by the long-standing cat fight between Atia of the Julii (played by Polly Walker) and Servilia of the Junii (played by Lindsay Duncan). Together, these two actresses drag you into their world kicking and screaming, but when it is all over you are filled with a barrel of winding emotions that tantalize your brain and warm your heart.

Ok, enough back story. Want to know more? Watch the show. Rome is gone and I already miss it.

Now I want to take the time to give a high, healthy and hearty "FUCK YOU" to HBO. They continually feed me outstanding programming, literally the best there ever was on television, and then like a tablecloth in a cheesy magician's trick, they yank it from under me. They warm you and make you feel all fuzzy inside and then they shove you out in the cold and make you wait for the next fire to burn. They deal entertainment like it was crack and just when you get used to a certain fix, they change suppliers and leave you with the shakes until you adjust to your new high. They are evil I tell you, EVIL!

So... why do I keep going back?


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