Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kyle Smith deems the movie 300 "Barbaric"

This stupid motherfucker Kyle Smith reviewed the movie "300" for the NY Post and he summed his review up in one word... BARBARIC.

Barbaric? You stupid fucking piece of media shit. Its a fucking gladiator movie and I hate to break it to you but gladiators were FUCKING BARBARIC!!! What did you expect? Were you hoping for a bunch of Spartan faggots beating each other with foam penises? Gladiators wore armor, they fought with swords and axes and they FUCKING KILLED EACH OTHER! I hope you choke on the popcorn you eat at your next review viewing you liberal sugar-footed ass wipe. I hope you choke and you die.

If you want to read his full review, CLICK HERE

(He even looks like a faggoty fucking asshole.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to be a total moron. First of all, 300 is NOT a "gladiator film". Spartans are not gladiators--do you even know what a gladiator is asshole? Secondly, you called Kyle Smith a liberal sugar-footed ass wipe and you couldn't be more wrong. He is an outspoken conservative who frequently thrashes what he himself considers liberal. Do some research before you write your moronic rants, and go fuck yourself.

9:50 AM  

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