Wednesday, June 14, 2006

FEMA me once, shame on you...

I don't like to get overly political on this site simply because there are plenty of blogs geared towards politics. But it has recently been reported that FEMA has paid out as much as $1.4 Billion Dollars in false Katrina Victims aid claims. Yes, you read right. One point four Billion fucking dollars! How the fuck does our illustrious Government watch over a Billion fucking dollars of the taxpayer's money fly out the fucking window?

False claims such as prisoners using a New Orleans cemetery as their home address to claim relief assistance. How about a guy who got season tickets for Football on the taxpayer's bill? Or, perhaps you prefer the 70-day trip to Hawaii, again paid for by the hard working, taxpaying inhabitants of America? One person even managed to pay their divorce lawyer with illegally obtained funds from FEMA. But here is the coup de gras. The one that sits above all the rest. It turns out that you, me and every other taxpayer in the United States has paid for a man's sex change operation. You got it! We paid for Bernie to become Bernadette. How does that make you feel?

Now, I can somewhat fathom the vast amount of legitimate claims that were filed, but how do over $1 Billion Dollars in false claims get by the system? I mean, how come there was no real-time auditing taking place? Sure, now they are finding it all, but all well after the fact. How about some preventative measures? When I read this I wanted to drive to the FEMA HQ and reenact Columbine. Better yet, I wanted the sheer pleasure of choking the life from each and every individual who may have even remotely been responsible for such oversights. If I'm missing as much as a dollar from my wallet, I know. So again ...



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