Thursday, May 18, 2006

Homo Arigato Mr. Roberto

I have to share this because I am bursting with laughter. I just had a meeting at work and it was with a flaming homosexual who was Japanese. From the moment he said "Herrrrrrroooooooo" in that dramatic, long-drawn way that flamboyant homosexuals tend to talk and with a broken English accent to boot, I knew I was doomed. From start to finish this was one of the funniest fucking things I have ever experienced. I'm pissed at my co-workers because no one warned me as to what I was about to face. Of course, when the meeting was over they all had mischievous grins on their faces and then all at once collectively busted-out laughing. I replied with a simple, "That's messed up!" and then joined them in laughing.

I'm still laughing about it while I typing this post. The guy had on a powder blue suit and a soft-pink tie. The real kicker was that he had a pink, silk flower on his lapel. Anyway, when he shook my hand he turned his upward like a woman would and held it out delicately, like it was made of paper mache. He then gave a creepy smile and let out the "Herrrrrrroooooooo" in the aforementioned paragraph. All I could think of was Kim Jong Il from the movie Team America: World Police, but of course a much-more gay version. I don't know how I managed to keep my composure throughout the meeting, but I did. On the inside I was dying!

As if this wasn't enough of an experience, my boss came up to me after the meeting and he said, "He likes you." I thought he meant in the sense that he was pleased with my presentation and the way I orchestrated the meeting, so I replied with a simple "thank you". My boss then looked at me harder and said, "No, he reeaallyy likes you." My face dropped. "Are you serious?

My boss gave me a look like actually saying yes would make him sick.

Then he lowered his head as if to say "I am really sorry."

Now it was me that was sick. Disgusted. Mortified.

My boss looked back up at me with an impish grin and said, "Nah, I'm just fucking with you. Maaaaaannnn, you should have seen your face!" ... I laughed and said, "Dude, that was fucked up! I mean really fucked up! If you weren't my boss I'd kick your ass. In the end we all laughed and are still having a good time with it.

It was still fucked up! ROFLMAO


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