Monday, May 01, 2006

School House Rock

(Though I finished this post today, it actually took place on 04/28/06.)

Friday night I went and saw the concert for my niece's school. She is still deciding which instrument she wants to play. Actually, her interest lies in learning Guitar, but her school deems it "too advanced" and will only teach it to 7th grade and up. If a kid has a desire to learn something than wouldn't it be best to feed that interest? Well, me being the direct, forward person that I am, took it upon myself to speak with her music teacher. After the concert, I introduced myself and struck up a conversation about the work he had done with the kids.

Eventually I asked him about my niece wanting to learn guitar. He gave me the same spiel I'm sure he gave her about it being too advanced for a child her age. Well, the rest of the conversation went as follows:

"In what way is it too advanced?"

- "Well, there's a lot involved in learning the guitar."

"Oh, I know, I've played one."

- "Oh, well have you considered teaching her yourself?"

"No. I'm not that good and aside from that, it's not my job, it's yours."

- "Well, I don't think she's ready something so advanced."

"Oh, really? Well, do you know that she already knows how to install and configure an operating system from scratch? That she can pretty much manage her computer on her own? That she knows how to use Microsoft Word? That she knows how to download music and burn them to a CD?"

- "No, I had no idea. They don't teach that stuff here, so how did she learn that?"

"I taught her. I AM that good with computers and since she wanted to learn, I am teaching her and she is doing great."

- "Impressive."

"I'd say. Can you do any of that stuff?"

- "No, can't say that I can."

"Would you like to learn?"

- "Well, I have a computer at home that all I use for is grading papers."

"I'll make you a deal"

- "I see where this is going. (laughs)"

"So, how about that guitar thing?"

- "If she is still interested, I will start her on lessons and see if she sticks with it."

"You're lessons last as long as her lessons, capice?"

- "Deal!"


Holy shit! I settled that without violence. I'm rather proud of myself. ROFL


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