Monday, May 15, 2006

Singing the Sopranos

What the fuck has HBO done? Who is to blame? Who needs to get "whacked?"

I am a big fan of their series, The Sopranos. In truth, I love just about every show HBO has. Sopranos, Big Love, Deadwood, Rome, Entourage, The Wire, etc. Some of their now-extinct shows were great too. OZ, Carnivale, even going back as far as Dream On which was a brilliant comedy. Their current cycle is of course, The Sopranos and Big Love.

Well, beginning with last season of The Sopranos, they "outted" one of the mobsters on the show as a homosexual. A fag mafia gangster? I mean, I guess it's possible, but what the fuck? Anyway, until now they have been real "obscure" about his homosexual activities, but last night's episode was like an "R" rated episode of Will and Grace. It literally turned my stomach. There was kissing, eye-gazing, whispering sweet nothings and tidbits of sex such as them getting into bed together, naked and kissing one another. I mean, on a show like OZ it was expected. It took place in a prison for Christ's sake. This is the motherfucking Mafia! Michael Corleone, Henry Hill, John Gotti, Paul Viti (LOL - Robert Deniro in Analyze This! and Analyze This!.)

Why is it so important for these asshole directors and film-makers to take something "macho", such as being a cowboy or a mafia boss, and make them gay? The penalty for such a crime should be death. Yes, that's right. They should kill the writers, directors and anyone else who has knowledge of such atrocity prior to the filming of said blasphemy. I wanted to dig up John Wayne, collect his bones and go beat Ang Lee to death with them for making a movie about homo cowboys.


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