Saturday, May 13, 2006

Detrimental Kindness

We've all been there. The majority of us possess something that is often called on by favor. Well, knowing computers the way I do, I constantly find myself helping family and friends. And you know what? I love doing it. I love helping those close to me and I really do enjoy working with computers that much. I never ask for anything in return. To pay someone to fix your computer, even of the most simplistic of problems is in the least $50.00/hour. But, because of who they are and what they mean to me, I never ask for anything in return.

Now, any of you that own or have-owned a pick-up truck knows that having one is like a stamp on your forehead that reads "mover". Or, maybe it says "sucker", who knows? LOL It truly is like a curse.

Well, I have this one, well, we'll call her an acquaintance. Well, I got a call today asking if I could help fix her computer. I told her I would get on my bike and ride over, which I did. Turns out she had a virus and it infected a good part of her system, so my only option was to dump everything and reinstall everything. Trust me, it was for the better. She had so much useless, corrupted shit on her system it was totally fucked. So, I did exactly what needed to be done. After a good 2 hours of work, it was done and the computer ran like it was brand new.

Part two of her diabolical plan hit and she asked if I could help her move some stuff one day this week. There's that pick-up truck curse. Well, me being the nice guy that I am I said "sure, no problem". Now mind you, my truck has been having minor transmission issues and is going to the shop Monday morning. I actually have the option of dropping it off Sunday night and putting my keys in the key-drop. Well, I asked her if she could follow me up to the shop so that I have a ride back. Her response? "Oh, I'm not driving all the way up there!"


Not "oh, I only have enough gas for the week." Not "my car isn't running too well." Not even "I won't be home." Did this bitch say what I think she said?"

I just fixed this cunt's computer and agreed to help her move some shit and she has the audacity to say to me "I'm not driving all the way up there" ?

"Excuse me?"

"That's too far. I'm not driving there."

"May I ask why? It's only a 20 minute ride."

"I don't want to drive that far on a Sunday"

"Do you think my idea of a Saturday is doing computer work for a selfish cunt?"


"Free computer work I might add."

"... ..."

Keep in mind that while we were discussing this, I was finishing up on the computer.

I popped in my trusty boot disk and rebooted the computer. I then asked, "So, there's no way at all you can help me out when I need it?

She replied with, "Not if it means driving up there, no."

As if time demanded a poetic moment, the system sat at the blinking C:\> prompt where I typed FDISK, pressed the [Enter] key and proceeded to clear the volume [C:].

I then ejected my floppy disk, placed it back in my pack and got up from the chair. I then turned to her, looked at her with a wicked smile and said "Fix your own fucking computer and move your own shit. PEACE!"

Her mouth gaped open and her eyes seemingly popped from their sockets and before she could say a word, I was out the door. The whole bike ride home I kept thinking to myself, "That made 2 hours of lost work worth every fucking moment."

Wouldn't you know it? That bitch had the balls to call and force an apology on my voicemail. Let the cunt collect dust waiting for me to call back.

Closing thoughts? I lost what I thought was a good friend and I gained what I know is a good blog post. LOL


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