Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Experience 1 - Content 0

Last night I was invited to an advance screening of the movie "Poseidon". Not only was it cool to see an advance screening, but we got to do it in style in the Franklin Institute's Tuttelman IMAX Theater. Now, before I get to discussing the movie let me tell you, the experience was amazing. There are some things in this world that everyone should get to experience and this is on that list. The one at the Franklin Institute is 4 1/2 stories in hight, had 50+ monster-sized speakers and is in the shape of a dome, producing what they call surround view. The opening scene of the movie they showed the ship "Poseidon" turning towards the screen and it literally felt like you were sitting on a dock, watching a real ship of actual size turning towards you.

OK, now for the movie itself. From the trailers you would expect top-notch special effects and you did get that. What was missing is something far more essential to a movie, character development. The original actually had you "connecting" with the characters and relating to them as someone you might know. There was absolutely no character development in this butchering of a classic. It was obvious that Wolfgang Peterson said to himself, "with today's technology I bet we can make the ship look cool." Well, he did do that, but that was all he did. On a 1-10 scale I'd give this movie a 5 and that may be generous. I wouldn't suggest seeing it in the theater, but I would suggest seeing it in IMAX. Yes, even this movie. LOL

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