Monday, May 15, 2006

When a stranger calls

I just started to doze off last night around 12:45 when my phone rang and woke me out of that mid-sleep state. I grumbled out a groggy "Hello?"


"No, sorry dude. You have the wrong number."

"Ok, cool."

I closed my eyes and again began falling asleep when the phone rang ... again.

"Yo, Shaniqua!"

"Wrong number again dude."

"Oh damn, my bad dude."

I closed my eyes once more and really fell asleep fast when the phone rang yet again. At this point I am so fucking pissed off and grumpy. I snatched up my phone, damn near slammed it to my ear and screamed "What the fuck is your problem? Are you a fucking moron?"

.... [silence]

Then in a soft, submissive voice I hear ... "Um, uncle Bob?"

DOH! I had just screamed at my poor nephew who thought I'd be up (because I usually am). He wanted to talk to me about his upcoming trip to New Zealand and Australia. Poor fella! He has the jitters about flying that far away for the first time and I, in one sentence, ripped him a new asshole.

Well, at least now he knows why. LOL


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