Thursday, June 01, 2006

Giddy like a Schoolgirl

I am so fucking excited. On of my most favorite bands is back in action and will be bring out a new CD in October 2006. Just as Metallica gave birth to thrash metal, Candlemass sired the dark and mysterious art of Doom Metal. Their ominous guitar riffs force you into a deep, hypnotic trance while your mind is deviously mastered by the operatic voice of Messiah Marcolin. Every aspect of their music is mind blowing and I highly recommend them to any Metal fan.

After 20 years without recognition, Candlemass was given a Grammy award for best hard rock/metal in their home country of Sweden, beating out powerhouse bands such as Opeth and Hammerfall.

Let me tell you. Their music kicks some serious fucking ass. I'll see if I can work it out with Tesco so that I can post some of their music up on the 100 Records site.


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