Friday, June 16, 2006

Marvel at the ACLU

First, let me say thank you to CavalierX of Guardian WatchBlog for bringing this to my attention.

"I'm proud of who I am, and I'm here right now to prove it."

That is what Spiderman says to the press as he takes off his mask, revealing his true identity. Marvel's "Civil War" series has the comic book conglomerate tackling the ever-so-popular topic of Civil Liberties. In the series, the Government gives birth to the "Super-Hero Registration Act", which requires all Super Heroes to reveal their identities and register as, get this ... "Living Weapons of Mass Destruction". Are you fucking kidding me?

Essentially what happens is the expansive roster of Super Heroes gets split into to factions. Those who are for the newly-passed law, headed by Spidey himself; and those who are against the idea of relinquishing their secret identities. Who do they have in the pack of non-conformists? Why, none other than Captain America. Coincidental that the man named after the greatest country in the world is also one of the heroes rebelling against the establishment? I think not. (Source)

What the fuck is Marvel thinking? First off, "Super Heroes" keep their identities secret to protect the ones they love, mainly the ones who are not super. It has nothing to do with being ashamed of being "different". I mean, who the fuck do you think would be more popular, the all-American typical football player or the guy who can lift fucking cars?

Why must this bleeding heart bullshit taint everything near-and-dear to my heart? Why does everything in this world have to be made "sensitive?" Thank God I stopped reading comic books a long, long time ago. Back when it was ok for Spidey to wear his mask and feel good about it. Back when Wolverine could pop out his claws and rip the enemy to shreds without first issuing a stern warning. Back when Batman would throw villains off of rooftops and laugh about it instead of having to show compassion for his fellow man.

Well, I say FUCK Marvel, FUCK their "Civil War" series and FUCK anyone who has the sheer audacity to buy this drivel knowing damn-well what it's premise is.


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