Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Black & White: Still no Gray

I had a lengthy discussion with a black friend about racial equality or lack there of. Oh, I'm sorry, he's a friend of African-American decent, for those of you who are Politically Correct. Actually, we started talking about the "Speak English when Ordering" sign that proprietor Joe Vento is proudly displaying at Geno's Steaks in Philadelphia, PA. How it morphed into a discussion about race is beyond me. Anyway...

I brought up the point that if I decided to form a "United Caucasian College Fund", it would be deemed a racist action and would be fought in court by Black Leaders across the Country. My friend then argued that it would be racist to exclude blacks from obtaining educational grants from the UCCF. So, I challenged him to show me one case where a white student was awarded a grant from the United Negro College Fund. Well, if it actually had ever happened, it should be on the internet, right? Well, as you may have suspected (and what I already knew), he found nothing.

Well, after his research on the internet, we decided to explore more "black-only" things that now exist in this country. For instance...

* There could never be a "White History Month".

* There could never be a "White Entertainment Television" channel.

* There could never be a "White Pride Day".

* There could never be an "Ivory Magazine".

* There could never be a proclaimed "White College".

In addition...

* A "Black Leader" is a Reverend or Doctor, a "White Leader" is a Grand Dragon.

* There could never be another show like "All in the Family", even though it is recognized as one of the funniest shows to ever be on television by both blacks and whites. Meanwhile Bernie Mac, Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock, as well as other black television personalities, can say pretty much anything they want about whites. In addition, shows like "Friends" and "Seinfeld" were ridiculed for not having black personalities on their show.

* There is an online meeting site called "Black Planet". There is also "Asian Avenue" and "MiGente", but there is no "White Planet". When I emailed the proprietors of these sites, I was told that such a site would be too controversial.

* If a white criminal is beaten by a group of black cops, it is considered justice. If a black criminal is beaten by a group of white cops, it is considered racism.

* The conception of Affirmative Action was to give non-white applicants an equal opportunity to be hired for a position. It is now a requirement by all employers that they have a certain amount of non-Caucasian employees. However, there is no balancing factor for industries that may have more non-white employees than white employees and there are no "rules" predominantly-black businesses to have a white employment quota.

Here's something else to ponder...

Blacks committing crimes against other blacks is so much more prominent these days that the media has classified them as "black-on-black" crimes. Have you ever heard a report of a white-on-white crime?


Now, if this article makes me sound racist, I'm not. I'm a realist. And being a realist, I can easily agree that there is separation of the races on both parts. The fact that Denzel Washington had to play a piece-of-shit dirty cop that acted "thug" in order to be awarded an Oscar is ridiculous. He was absolutely amazing as Malcolm X, but because the Academy has a grudge against Spike Lee, he was never considered. Halle Berry got her Oscar by getting fucked in the ass on camera by of all people, Billy Bob Thornton. Hell, they should give her a humanitarian award for that. LOL

I am not denying that whites have a brutal history of violent racism. I like so many others in this world wish I could go back and change history, but I can't. With that being said, I will not accept a simple shifting of the tides either. Racism is racism, in any form or fashion and should not be "accepted".


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