Friday, June 30, 2006

Dreams come true at inconvenient times

Harper's Bazaar has announced that pregnant pop-sensation Britney Spears has posed nude for their August issue. (source)

First of all, Demi Moore already did this back in 1991 and it wasn't hot then. Pregnant women are beautiful, no one can argue that. Their tits get big and luscious and they are always wet, but they have no fucking business posing nude. Sorry, but its true. Particularly when your entire status of popularity is based on the fact that you are sexy. Her singing sucks, her acting is horrendous, but her body was amazing and she could move in such a way that every male from adolescence to antiquated had fantasies of sexually ravaging her. In other words, you didn't want to listen to her sing but you definitely wanted to pump out some knuckle-kids to her videos.

THIS is the Britney Spears I want to see naked.

THIS is the Britney Spears I want to consensually rape.

THIS is the Britney Spears I want found in a dumpster on an episode of CSI.


(Btw, thanks to CavalierX for bringing this to my attention.)


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