Monday, July 03, 2006

Fired-up over Fireworks

The State of New Jersey has filed suit against 5 companies in the state of Pennsylvania for soliciting the sale and use of fireworks. The State of Pennsylvania has a law that permits the sale of Fireworks to anyone who is not a state resident or residents who have obtained a specialized, legal permit. New Jersey is accusing these 5 companies of marketing their product to NJ residents by making it seem legal for them to purchase, transport and display (use) fireworks. Though PA law allows NJ residents to purchase fireworks in PA, NJ law prohibits them from transporting fireworks across the Jersey border as well as the use of said fireworks.

This is the kind of crap that disgusts me about law and law-makers. How the fuck can a state make it so something such as fireworks can be legally purchased by non-residents when the bordering states declare it illegal for them to be transported and/or used? Per the law in PA, a non-resident may purchase fireworks, but they cannot legally use them in PA, nor can they transport them (legally) to a neighboring state. So essentially, out-of-staters can come in and buy as many fireworks as they want as long as they don't use them and they don't bring them home. Well, what the fuck are they supposed to do with them? Buy them just to throw them out? Since they are explosive devices, how come they are not regulated by the ATF or some other Governing office?


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